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Computer repairs, including Malware and Virus Cleanup. Hardware service and Repair. In house and Onsite repairs available.

Custom Computer Design

We build computers for your business and home needs. Military grade parts and a prooven longevity.

Phone Repairs

Phone repairs, including screen replacement and minor hardware replacements.

Latest Info!

New Hijacker Viruses

I haven’t written any FIY’s in a while.  So here I go.  Antivirus software, makes you feel all cuddly and warm inside but does it protect you?  Well, most of the time it does ketch well known viruses and some malware, it doesn’t ketch everything that can attack your systems.  My favorite viruses are actually

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Old vs. New Computers Quality

FYI for January 7, 2016.  I am asked why old computers last longer than the new ones sold in box stores now.  I will try and explain it in this little FYI session.  Ten years ago, each and every company that built box computers where literally in the infancy stages of home computing.  Mass production

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January, A new Year Special

It is a new year, and its time.  Have your computer checked for Spyware, Malware and Viruses with our special online price.  Mention this add and we will provide a basic $59.99 PC cleanup, scan all your drives on your system, update software, check and secure ports and vulnerabilities on your System. If not installed,

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December Specials!

December is the time when we are giving gifts and share time with our families.  Why not add a Gift Certificate for repair or service with you Electronic Gift.  Kansas Techs has Gift certificates for this exact purpose. Come visit us at 714 E. Wall Fort Scott, Kansas 66701

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Cyber Monday Deals!

Cyper Monday Deals: 20% off – Custom Built Computer system from Kansas Techs $49.99 Computer Cleanup Gift Certificates These are in store purchases, please contact us via Services@kansastechs.com if you are unavailable Monday Custom Computers are a pre-paid purchase, guaranteed to be available for Christmas delivery. Gift Certificates are valid  Jan 1, 2016 through March

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A Virus

Hi, I’m a computer virus. I know you hate me, but needless I am here. I was created by a smart guy somewhere to cause harm to your computer or just to sneak in and steal all your information. I can also hijack your browser so that every time you want to go somewhere on

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A Computer

Hi, I am your computer, let me tell you about myself. I am a machine, I only crunch numbers that are being presented before me. I know you get upset when I do something bad, and you punish me by cursing and yelling at me. I also take the abuse of being punched, kicked, and

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Protect Yourself!

Do not open any files attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy source. Do not open any files attached to an email unless you know what it is, even if it appears to come from a friend or someone you know. Some viruses can replicate themselves and spread through email. Confirm that

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November Specials !!! $69.99

Bring in your Computer for a Cleanup.  Remove fluff ware, cleanup malware and spyware, and add an Antivirus if one is not available. $69.99   We use Microsoft Security Essentials for your free Antivirus.

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October Special $59.99 !!

System Cleanup, Malware, Viruses and installation of AntiVirus software for $59.99.

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